We are really excited to have these blogs and to be able to share our educational adventures. Keeping these blogs a safe and secure place to work is very important. Through the use of the blogs, the children at St Teresa’s Primary School have the opportunity to develop their understanding of online safety and how to behave when on the web. We have a few simple guidelines that we all need to keep to in order to make the most of our school blogs

Do not post any personal information ( name, address, email address, telephone numbers etc). 

Keep your passwords safe. Don’t give them to anyone. If you think someone else knows it, tell your teacher immediately.

Follow the online safety rules!

•Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child.
•All posts will be checked by a teacher before they are published to the blog.
•All comments are moderated by a teacher before they appear on the blog.
•Always be respectful of other people’s work – be positive if you are going to comment.
•No text talk – please write in full sentences and check your comments back carefully before submitting.

  • Conduct

You may not log in using anyone else’s user name or password.

Ask permission before you write about anyone.

Only put links that the school has approved of on your weblog.

You may not post anything that is rude or insulting to others.

Remember, even if you post from home, the school’s internet rules still apply.

  • Respect copyright


  • What happens if you break the rules?

Every blog is monitored by your teacher and by moderators. If someone breaks a rule the following may happen:

  • You may be asked to put it right
  • Your parents may be informed
  • You will be warned about your future behaviour
  • Your blog / password may be temporarily suspended, or even deleted
  • Anyone who keeps breaking the rules will no longer be allowed to have a blog or contribute to the school blog.




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